Connected #2

by Jo Chapman

  • Date 2020
  • Size w16cm x d18cm x h21cm
  • Materials Aluminium, card, paint, wax, oak

The sculpture alludes to themes of connection, balance, fragility, strength and dependency. The linear form references the natural and architectural and is essentially an interpretation of connection, the places where elements join and mutually support.

The particular form of this sculpture came from making models for a large cast Bronze commission in Cambridge that refers to the cast drainpipe forms made in the Eagle foundry which was on the original site.

This series of small sculptures are a natural progression from the maquettes that I make for my large-scale public works. This can be the most creative part, playing with forms and ideas, being experimental and manipulating the materials into the structures. It is a responsive and intuitive way of working in contrast to the commitment of time, thought and process involved in fabricating a large finished artwork in steel or bronze.

The use of low-tech materials is also a response to the events of this 2020 utilising the materials I had to hand in the studio and recycling packaging that came with increased deliveries. Home has now become the workplace for many people so these small works are to bring art into the home instead of the urban landscape.

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