Artist profiles

Effie's tactile and textured works made in glass often use everyday natural objects. Like an alchemist she transforms them through the traditional techniques of casting,...

Jo works primarily in sculpture and installation often being commissioned to make permanent site specific work in public spaces.
Ben is fascinated by sense of place and landscape drawing inspiration from the specific part of Essex in which he lives.
Karen’s inventive ceramic work is led by an interest in post-war factory produced ceramic figurines.
Renowned for his energetic colour palette and inventive subject matter Dale’s work encompasses enamel, acrylic and print.
Sara is a textile artist specialising in quilt making. She takes inspiration from language, working in densely machine-stitched lettering.

Permindar Kaur is a sculpture/installation artist, whose approach to art is playful, using childlike objects to explore the territory of cultural identity, home and belonging....

Georgia’s work explores the everyday taking inspiration from urban landscapes commuters and streetscapes

Freddie produces contemporary art works using textile materials and processes. She is renowned for her inventive and provocative use of knitting. She finds knitting to...

Harvey’s early work centred on abstract painting today his practice has evolved into hyperrealist work meticulously constructed capturing details of the natural world.
Judith was a painter whose work explored the meeting of social history, personal memory and geography, she was really interested in seaside resorts.