by Art at Home (Kath&Company)

  • Date 2020
  • Size (With oak frame) 60.4 x 50.5cm
  • Materials Antique print & linocut

These have been 'stolen ' from wife's family antique business and I believe some are quite valuable in their own right.  Certainly, the ones by Arthur L. Cox 1879-1961 command decent prices on the web.

My instigation to ' alter' these works came as a kind of respectful vandalism in that I wanted to showcase the wonderful printing techniques of a bygone era and yet poke fun at their fanciful, often prissy and chocolate box style. In using my own lino blocks, some with incised images, some just as shapes and utilising transparent inks to retain the original prints imagery. Other works have had white gel pen drawings overlaid onto the surface in perhaps a more aggressive alteration.”

Comes mounted with oak frame.

Dale Devereux Barker profile

Dale Devereux Barker