A perfectly good marriage

by Freddie Robins

  • Date 2013
  • Size 36 × 44 × 164 cm
  • Materials Machine knitted wool and mixed media (expanding foam, found hawthorn log with horse shoe embedded in it, flints, sequins, dress pins) on oak, cherry and spruce wood stand

“Samples and surpluses, things donated and inherited and found, domestic craft, mass manufacture, exquisite craftsmanship, embellished and encrusted, excess, needless, disembodied, immense violence, fear, loss, death, pain, pins and needles, and wool.”

The process of converting a 16th Century barn into a home and studio has radically shifted my approach to making and materials. I have developed a new expedient approach to making. I have to make and resolve the work with what is to hand. My materials are all my samples and surpluses, things donated, inherited and found. I am working with what I already have instead of deciding what I want to make and then choosing and buying new materials.

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