Commission an artist

Finding work to gift or make something to mark a special occasion is one of Art at Home’s specialities. Whether a significant birthday, anniversary or an artwork to commemorate a time or a place we have a wide range of artists who work to commission.

Current artists include:

 Helen Slater Stokes

 “Do you have a special view or place? I’m sure we all do”.

Helen Slater Stokes makes unique glass sculptures, using techniques developed over 25 years as a glass artist. Based in Oxfordshire, Helen’s glasswork draws inspiration from spaces and places within changing environments.

 “From childhood spaces, to places of quiet contemplation, I feel we all have special environments which take us back to other times in our lives. These works attempt to capture these spaces and preserve them within glass, even though they have changed as time has moved on”.

Helen has pioneered work of the 3D or spatial image, within glass, exploring our perception of space. She also produces works for the home which capture a place, history or landscape. She is able to work with a particular view and colour palette, to capture an associated emotion and the real essence of a special place.

About Helen:

Glass Artist and Lecturer; Helen graduated from The Royal College of Art, with a master’s degree in 3D Design: Glass & Ceramics, in 1996 and since then has been lecturing and making glass sculpture from her workshop in the Cotswolds. She began a part-time PhD by practice, in 2013, at The Royal College of Art, London and hopes to complete in July 2020.