by Art at Home (Kath&Company)

  • Artist Kate Haywood
  • Date 2019
  • Size 12 x 18 x 6cm
  • Materials Porcelain, stain and glaze. Wheel thrown modelled and carved.

'Purdle' - Tumble of water in a brook, Somerset.

"I am drawn to objects which suggest a sense of place, imagined cultures and environments. It’s these qualities I’m searching for when manipulating materials and working towards forms, only half glimpsed in my mind’s eye, during the making process.

 While developing this work, I read Robert MacFarlane’s Landmarks ‘Glossary of Gift Words’.  I saw crossovers in the ways both words and objects can help to shape our understanding of the world.  Each have the power to ground our experiences, particularly when exploring poetic traits, ‘gathering and patterning a work of words that might keep us from slipping off into abstract space.’

By adopting these titles, with their ‘precision’ and ‘poetry’, the works are anchored but also kept open to interpretation, as each viewer brings their own experiences to the work."


About the Artist

Born in London, Kate lives and works in Cardiff. She is a graduate of Camberwell College of Art, Central Saint Martins College and Cardiff School of Art and Design.

Notable awards include the Fenton Arts Trust Scholarship and the Future Lights International Ceramics Competition. Over the past few years Kate has been part of the Language of Clay series and is currently working towards a new research project, Trackways, funded by the Arts Council of Wales.

Kate has work in public and private collections and is available for commission.