Ship Rolls Into the Garden of Eden

by Art at Home (Kath&Company)

  • Artist Jack Hilton
  • Date 2021
  • Size 40.5 x 53cm
  • Materials Oil pastel on paper (mounted with a white frame)

Here I imagine the Garden of Eden as an unspoilt land being invaded by modern ships. Eve has bitten into the apple and a dark industrial future is already arriving. This is in the same vein as the ‘Wired Serpent’ piece, an attempt to warp and unsettle this old Biblical narrative.


About the Artist

Jack Hilton lives and works in Brighton.  His narrative oil pastel works and energetic colour palette take their inspiration from literature, myth and history. Jack comes from a strong artistic heritage; his father is the abstract artist Bo Hilton and his grandparents were the acclaimed St. Ives artists Roger and Rose Hilton.